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Storage in Glasgow

Our furniture storage space, in Glasgow, is available to all of our customers. Using our storage provides an option for customers who cannot complete their removals in one continuous process, so as with all of our removals and packaging services, we provide a simple storage solution that makes the removals process as easy as possible.

Our storage containers are designed to protect your items, keeping them in optimum conditions. For security, the storage containers we use are manned 24 hours per day by Security Guards, and we incorporate a CCTV and Red Care alarm system.

Our storage space provides a flexible solution to your removals process. For example, some of our customers have packed non-essential items in advance of their moving date and put them into our storage facility to make the removal of major items easier on the day. We often find that kitchen appliances are left until last, but we can offer specific kitchen storage for fragile plates and crockery.

For our business clients, we provide office storage facilities for archives, non-essential items, spare furniture and anything else that is not business critical. This can help with making the actual move as painless as possible, keeping interruption to a minimum.

Our services offer a cost-effective approach to furniture storage Glasgow with far higher levels of service than many self storage operations - remember, we can pack your goods into storage boxes for you and take them into storage on your behalf, saving you a lot of time and effort.

To discuss the ways in which our storage solutions can make your removal easier, please contact us with your requirements for Furniture Storage Glasgow.